2022年11月23日 拜克 阅读(25)

1、write as是英文词组,翻译成写成的意思该词组词汇解析write,英语单词,主要用作动词,作及物动词时意思是“写,书写写信给著述”,作不及物动词时意思是“写,写字写作,作曲写信”AS是一个英语单词,连词。

2、write as是写作重点词汇write v 写作,编写以写作为生写道写信书写,写字谱写音乐作品编写计算机程序将计算机中的数据写入磁盘或其他储存媒体填写表格支票等,拟定笔能。


3、Some post pictures of luxury goods, such as brand clothes and bags, luxurious automobiles or jewelries Some write about their experiences in which a lot of money is spent People have different responses to this。

4、Ud5baI int再见 afternoon Aftlaquo5nun n下午 Good afternoon 下午好How haU are you? 问候用语你好吗I aI pron我 am。


5、17such as比如 后跟名词或名词短语for example 例如后跟句子He likes fruits,such as apples,bananas and so on他喜欢水果,例如苹果香蕉等He has some good ways to study English,for example ,he often。

6、Also I love XXX very much, such as XXXXXX I hope I can learn English well, because I think it very important ButXXX is favorite subject, because it is very interesting I wish I can become aXXXin the future。

7、flv七年级 unit6 Do you like bananasflv七年级 Unit5 Do you have a soccer ballflv七年级 unit4 Where’s my backpackflv七年级 unit2 Is this your pencilflv七年级 Unit10 Where did you go on。

8、as long as you give me to write a good compositionquot I carefully written essay, quietly put it in his father#39s bed, he came to my room to go to sleep In a moment, I actually fell asleep A noi。

9、新鲜的水果和蔬菜很重要,麦麸也是4 He does deserve some good luck after so much wretchedness经过这么多苦难之后,他应该行点好运了5 quotTake Thatquot are the best group in the whole world So thereldquo。

10、Michael is as brave as Kangkang But Michael is not as funny as Kangkang because Kangkang often tells 我们应该吃大量的水果和蔬菜,它们对我们的健康有好处此外,我们应该每天喝牛奶然后,我们应该每周锻炼两次或三次。

11、大家好我不喜欢运动,但我很喜欢吃我每一天吃很多食物早餐,我十分喜欢牛奶,鸡蛋和面包午餐,我喜欢薯条,鸡肉,汉堡包和苹果对于晚餐,我喜欢水果,蔬菜和大米关于初一的英语作文范文2 it is the thirteenth。

12、我们照了很多照片,买了一些水果,后来,我们去帮助一些农民做些力所能及的We took a lot of photos, and bought some fruits as well Later, My heart beats her waves at the shore of the world and writes upon。

13、晚上回到家,我与家人坐在一起看电视,我们还一边聊天一边吃着水果,全家其乐融融! 已赞过 已踩过lt 你对这个We know, as we reminisce of our past, time flies regardless As we grow beyond our teenage We remember。

14、Point out the blank likes in the picture Ss twrite the names of the1 Let’s make ___ ___水果沙拉 2 That’s a ___ ___As a reporter, I think I will ___lots of interesting people, so I。

15、我来到了菜市场,看见地上尽是烂菜叶烂水果,还有还有家禽的羽毛及内脏,这么This custom of climbing mountains can be dated back as early as West So he began to write articles to wake the people up Lu Xun wrote。